To paint or to draw  
Is to take note of what we found 

To make up stories to the butterfly in his proper box.
What happens inside becomes the speach of my work .
What is being said may amplify like this butterfly
wich is burning in the light.

I wonder about my identity when creating my appropriate
colored pictures database.
When painting ,I play with the rules :
And what comes out of it ?
Always a new storie
One wich is to understand the delights of the flit
between the four walls of a brain.

A day trip punctuated with discoveries, stuffed with riddles...
from additions to caches ,from caches to overlays
it is the place for the sparkling opacity.
The factory that orders dreamlike architecture.
Via the color ;
To attempt stretching , to lengthen , to darn,to lift.
Via the addition of details ;
to mold the dough of time within a colored poetry.

Via this organised swarm,
I pick up as a pattern feminine tutelar symbols.
By this swarming organisation ;
a tribute to the strengths of nature
can mix with the imaging.

Virginie Vandernotte.
Bordeaux, the 8 of november 2011.

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